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Ordinary Lightning Protection System

  • - Lightning Rod, Lightning Conductor
  • - Bonding (Conducting Wire, Grounding Wire)
  • - SPD (Surge Protective Device)
  • - Grounding Terminal - Grounding Conductor
from IEC to ILMS

Necessity of ILPMS

  • - Ordinary Lightning Protection System is needed for semi-annual checking. Especially in summer and rainy season which are frequent surge invasion from lightning needed bonding connection and operation status checking for normal working of protected device.
  • - But the lightning equipment located various place at the outside and inside of building in the environment of densely installed telecommunication and electric, control device such as complex residence automation factory, and large scale of out-side operation equipment.
  • - Because a larger scale facility consists of more complex power, telecommunication, signal system, so it’s impossible to check the surge invasion route and cause analysis. Even after damaging from a surge, there’s no solution for the original problem. ILPMS is the most advanced technology for high trust lightning protection system to protect complex power, telecommunication networking equipment.


Lightning Protection System Previous System ILPMS  
Rod Conducting Wire
Periodical Inspection
Impossible Checking Bonding Systems
Real-Time Checking Bonding System
Check Operation Condition when Lightning &
Collecting Lightning Date
Multi-Step Digital Lightning Counter
Grounding System Manual Check of Ground Impedance
Impossible to Forecast Ground Performance
Real-Time Monitoring Ground Impedance
Possible to Forecast Ground Performance
Active Grounding Terminal
SPD Difficult Manage Operation Status
Cause an Accident when Lifetime is over
Real-Time Checking Operation SPD
Counting & Transferring Surge data
Self-Diagnostic Life-time & Remote Alarm
Self-Diagnostic Counter-Type SPD
Maintenance Formal Reinforce Ground or Changing
Lightning Rod Repeat Similar Damage
Forecast Accident from Lightning and
Ground Checking Weak Point and Prevent
Damage by Studying Data
Power monitoring / IBS / BAS
Interworking Software

Smart Lightning Protection Management System

Smart Lightning Protective Management System image

Smart Lightning Protective Management System

Smart Lightning Protective Management System