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Metal Oxide Varistors

  • * Ultra compact single disk for direct lightning surge current
  • * Iimp 6.5kA, 12.5kA, 25kA, 50kA
  • * MOV(metal varistor oxide design) disk design
  • * MOV specification / shape / size design required for each SPD
MOVs product

Thermal Protective MOVs : Main Components of SPDs

SPDs contain at least one non-linear component (a varistor or spark gap). Their function is to divert the discharge or impulse current and limit the overvoltage to the downstream equipment.

We succeeded in developing high capacity varistor production technology of 50kA (kiloamperes). It is twice the current device (25kA) at 50kA, the maximum current capacity of a conventional single-element high-capacity (Iimp) varistor.

It is the single-element varistor with the highest energy capacity in the world and is expected to gain competitiveness in the market. It has a current density about twice that of the existing leading company’s high-capacity varistor, and it has about 16 times the energy capacity compared with a common varistor of the same area. This technology can be applied to major facilities in major countries where protection against high-output electromagnetic pulses (HPEMP) and direct lightning protection is required. Also, it can be applied to HPEMP protection device and Class I surge protector (SPD) for direct lightning.