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SPD Disconnectors

The SPD disconnector is a maintenance disconnect for SPD only, rated as defined by the impulse or surge current capacity and the impulse withstand voltage. A device to monitor SPD degradation and safely disconnect it from the power supply point in the event of SPD deterioration. European IEC and Korean KS This is important enough to be referred to in the standard specifications. It is a safety device to prevent accidents from occurring in other systems due to SPD failures.

SPD Disconnector product
• Rated Breaking Current (ISCCR) : 5 kA ~ 50 kA
• Nominal Discharge Current In (8/20㎲) : 6.5 kA ~ 100 kA
• Impulse Voltage (1.2/50㎲) : UOC 20 kV
• This product is applied to SPD electrical outlets for low-pressure power on power distribution boards.
• Applied to SPD poles installed within AC distribution panels for protection of facilities in computer rooms and communication base stations with TN/TT/IT ground systems.
• It can also be applied to any other installed SPD bulb that receives power from single-phase or three-phase power sources.
Product Features
• Switching functions for maintenance
• Surge Resistance
• Separation operation of heat-sensitive system protection upon SPD failure
• Backup over-current protection in case of SPD failure, SPD short circuit blocking behavior
Spec Sheets and Downloads
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