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Gem Rod

Technical Survey of GEM-Rode

GEM-Rod Grounding System maintains the most efficient and stable low resistance, low impedance grounding regardless of the installation site’s environmental situation such as geological condition, moisture, or seasonal changes. It is a new generation grounding system devised to stably manage various info-communication facilities and other electric equipments. It uses a “high conductance environment-friendly grounding rod” that contains electrolytes for grounding. It shows high grounding performance even in rocky and sand soil areas where installation is difficult, and thus ensures better grounding environment than any other grounding methods.

  • step1
  • Electric potential distribution grounding design system
    • Using the 3D digital simulation method to calculate electric potential distribution before application
    • According to IEC 60364 / 62305 standard for stable grounding design
  • step2
  • Intensive boring system
    • Using environment-friendly GEM powder
    ※ Easy to measure and installation!
  • step3
  • Electrolyte grounding system
    • Bonding and Mesh design of building’s foundation
    • Achievement of lower installation cost by Using environment-friendly GEM powder
    ※ Getting of lowest grounding impedance for effective surge suppression and noise removal.
    Fast discharging of large amount of lightning current to earth
  • step4
  • MESH system Bonding
    • Using the 3D digital simulation method to calculate electric potential distribution before application
    • According to IEC 60364 / 62305 standard for stable grounding design

Technical Survey of GEM-Rode

High Performance
Low grounding resistance (below 1 ohms) & low grounding impedance
Stable quality regardless of climate, weather or soil conditions
Ensures minimum resistance value with minimum area and minimum cost
Providing of control environment to maintain optimum quality

Grounding Enhancement Grounding Method maximizes the contact area with the earth to realize minimum grounding resistance, and it also maintains optimal grounding system through use of environmentfriendly GEM powder. It also has low grounding impedance, which allows it to suppress GPR and discharge lighting and AC fault current quickly to the ground.

High Performance
• Lightning protection system
• Power plant, transformer station’s grounding system
• power euipments’ groundings system
• Communication center and relay station system
• Huge building grounding system
• Research center or hospital grounding system
GEM-Rod Organization

Technical Survey of GEM-Rode

It is designed to provide low impedance, and it provides optimum low impedance grounding environment even in worst conditions.

High Performance
Realization of the maximum electrode contact area through the penetration of electrolytes into the ground
Ionization of Surrounding Soil
Maximization of the conductance of surrounding soils by filling the GEM Powder

GEM Powder filling

  • - Anti-corrosion function
  • - Surge and Noise removal effect of Environment-friendly GEM Powder
  • - Guarantee for 50-80 years of lifecycle

Simulation for Grounding System Design

Providing of the GEM Grounding Design Data
1. The geographic structure and its earth resistivity, grounding impedance and each earth resistivity at every horizontal measuring points
2. Safety evaluation through contact voltage and step voltage analysis based on IEEE Std.80/ IEEE 479-1
3. Regulations regarding grounding system
4. Grounding design manuals and specifications
Providing of the GEM grounding design data

Simulation for Grounding System Design

Simulation for grounding system design