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Gem Powder

GEM Powder is a material made to maximize the soil’s conductivity. GEM Powder sticks onto the surface of rocks, sand, soil to minimize the ground resistivity values. Also, it acts as a good conductor in its own solid state. GEM Powder isthe best choice of low resistivity grounding powder for any place that needs lowground resistance values. It is also harmless to the environment.GEM Powder has superior electrical characteristics different from other grounding potential lowering powders. It could be installed with no water and absorbs surrounding moisture in the soil by itself to solidify. But, It ensures low grounding resis tance values regardless of the moisture in the soil.


Technical Survey of GEM-Rode

Effects of GEM Powder
• GEM Powder has exceptionally low grounding resistance and impedance values.
• GEM Powder maintains the ground resistance value semi-permanently.
• Especially, GEM Powder shows effective efficiency even in dry soils and places with high ground resistivity values.
• GEM Powder is chemically safe, and prevents air and salt from penetrating to protect against corrosion.
Superior mechanical intensity
• It uses carbon powder as its main component, which protects grounding conductors against from corrosion and cement-type materials as sub-components.
They give extra support to structures and steel parts of buildings mechanically.
• Its mechanical intensity prevents it be carried away by water in the soil.
Maintenance Characteristics
• Its adhesive characteristic allows it to remain irresoluble in the soil, so it doesn’t need periodical refilling.
• GEM Powder reduces the grounding management cost because frequent maintenance for it is not necessary and GEM Powder has semi-permanent life.
• No extra materials or water needs to be added for GEM Powder’s own quality maintenance.
Environment-friendly Characteristics
• GEM Powder is chemically safe, and does not affect the soil chemically, nor it pollutes ground water.
• GEM has passed all ground pollution process test from ㅜnational organizations (see the test reports)

Application Method of GEM Powder

GEM Powder is packed in 20kg per bags. It absorbs the moisture in the soil after installing, and it solidifies in 24 hours. It is also possible to add water in order to control the ground resistance value quickly.

GEM Powder

Technical Survey of GEM-Rode

Using with MESH and buried grounding wire step

Using with boring or deep-hole grounding method

Using with boring or deep-hole grounding method step

Amount of GEM Powder with Mesh and buried grounding conductor

Width of the pit Thickness of GEM Powder spread over the grounding conductor
- 25mm 50mm 75mm 100mm
100mm 3.5m 1.6m 1.0m 1.7m
150mm 2.2m 1.1m 0.7m 0.5m
200mm 1.8m 0.9m 0.6m 0.4m
250mm 1.5m 0.7m 0.5m 0.3m
300mm 1.1m 0.6m 0.4m 0.3m

* Length of the buried grounding conductor with a bag of 20kg GEM powder

Amount of GEM Powder with boring or deep-hole grounding method

boring diameter(mm) Boring depth(m)
- 1.8m 2.1m 2.4m 2.7m 5.2m 5.4m 6.1m
75mm 2포(bags) 2 2 2 4 4 4
100mm 2 3 3 3 7 7 7
125mm 3 4 4 5 10 10 10
150mm 4 5 6 7 14 14 15
175mm 5 7 8 9 19 19 20
200mm 8 9 11 12 23 23 26
225mm 10 12 13 15 31 31 32
25mm 12 14 16 18 38 38 40

* Quantity of 20kG GEM powder bags according to the depth of the hole (bags)


  • • Place it as an artificial additive grounding material at the area with high ground resistivity, such as mountaintop and rocky areas.
  • • We recommend GEM Powder as filler for the electrolytic boring grounding system.
  • • When there is not enough space for grounding conductor installation.