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Lightning Surge Protection requires certain measures

Research & Development

Up to 138 KA Direct Lightning Current Simulation System

We have Real Direct Lightning Current Simulator in our R&D Lab. SPDs test is the only way for ensuring and verification of their supposed endurance and serviceability under the hardest operation conditions. A new product final finish and all of its important components are examined within the scope of the type tests and the certification procedure.

Prime Power Solutions' SPDs are independently tested and backed by the best engineering and technical support team in the industry. They're tested to meet the latest UL standards and other agency standards and many have a nominal discharge current of 20 kA(8/20us), the highest achievable rating for this parameter indicating device robustness. In addition, labs test additional protection ability by creating internationally recognized direct lightning currents of 10 / 350us.

The design and manufacture of the equipment for generating lightning is the driving force behind Prime Power Solutions' SPD development

waveform graph

Remote controlling System for Surge & Noise level Test

monitor of Remote controlling system
Lightning & Surge Simulation systems have been designed and assembled according to the International Electrical Codes and UL standards.

SPD units and all components shall be designed, manufactured, and tested in accordance with the latest applicable standards.

  • A. ANSI/UL 1449 4th Edition or Later
  • B. ANSI/UL 1283 5th Edition or Later(Type 2 Applications)
  • C. CSA C22.2 NO. 269.1
  • D. CSA C22.2 NO. 269.2
  • E. IEEE C62.41.1
  • F. IEEE C62.41.2
  • G. IEEE C62.43-2005
  • H. IEEE C62.45-2002
  • I. IEEE C62.48-2005
  • J. IEEE C62.62-2010
  • K. MIL-STD-220A
  • L. UL 96A
  • M. NFPA 780

Direct Lightning & Surge Simulation System

  • circuit for surge wavwforms
  • high voltage trigger switching
  • large energy capacitor
  • integrated

Only a few working places, equipped with the wave shape generators 10/350us, are situated in the United States. Typical impulse test capacities are Umax = 20kV (1.2/50us) or Imax = 20kA (8/20us). Prime Power Solutions' lightning test room can generate direct lightning surge impulse limp = up to 138kA(10/350us). This test room has two testing current pulse generators with operational capacity Imax = 200kA(8/20us) and limp = 138KA(10/350us). Above mentioned testing devices are showed on the following pictures.