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PrimePowerSolutionsintroduces revolutionary SPDs with Direct Lightning Surge Protection


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PrimePowerSolutions has developed an innovative SPD system with breakthrough Direct Lightning Surge Protection that, unlike the conventional SPDs, are powered to protect electrical systems from direct lightning strikes.

Torrance, CA – January 2, 2018 – No more worries of exorbitant electrical damages from direct lightning strikes on buildings. Lightning strikes are natural disasters and can’t be avoided. But finally the America will be able to protect its electrical systems from the harshest of lightning blows – all thanks to Prime Power Solutions. The Torrance-based company has launched a breakthrough SPD system with state of the art Direct Lightning Surge Protection which has proven to safeguard electrical systems from direct lightning strikes that was not possible earlier.


“Direct lightning strikes amount to around tpf=board/list&board_code=8 Billion in damages to the electrical systems in the US. Traditional SPDs are never enough to combat direct strikes on buildings & structures. And this is where our cutting edge SPDs come in. We are the FIRST one to power our SPDs with revolutionary Direct Lightning Surge Protection which will successfully protect structures from both direct lightning blows and surges. We are aimed to protect our electrical systems and prevent the expensive electrical damages from lightning strikes that haunt us every year”, stated Jace Park, the leading spokesperson from Prime Power. 

Prime Power’s groundbreaking SPDs have been tested independently to ensure most unbiased results. The products are backed by the finest of engineers as well as most experienced technical support team in the industry. The new-age SPDs successfully meet all the updated UL standards as well as other agency standards. The spokesperson promised of highly robust systems and most of their SPDs feature a nominal discharge current of 20 kA(8/20μs) – which is the highest achievable rating. Moreover, the company has tested additional protection capacity of the products by creating internationally recognized 10 / 350us direct lightning currents.


“Our highly advanced lab is powered with a state of the art Real Direct Lightning Current Simulator (up to 138 kA) to ensure the best testing of our SPDs. The Current Stimulator tests & verifies our SPDs’ serviceability and endurance level under harshest of situations to assure the best possible inspection of their capacity. The major components and final finish of our SPDs are inspected within the scope of type tests and all the certification procedures. Our innovative surge guard solutions have successfully proven to minimize expensive downtime by guarding sensitive electronic and electrical equipments from damaging impacts of transients.”

Prime Power’s SPDs have proven to shove away high energy surges as well as other types of transient disturbances from the electrical systems under their coverage. These revolutionary devices extend a low impedance surge avenue in just nanoseconds through their super powerful MOV technology. 


“We have successfully developed high capacity 50kA varistor for our SPDs which is twice the capacity of varistors you will find in conventional SPDS. This fact alone proves our SPDs are any-day more superior and more powerful than regular SPDs.”

The company provides customized SPD solutions as per the SPD protection requirement and unique electrical needs of the user. 

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