Lightning Surge Protection requires certain measures

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Stable surge voltage protection for photovoltaic systems

Renewable energy sources are becoming increasingly important. Wind turbines and PV are increasingly used in installations. However, the system is particularly vulnerable to lightning current and surge voltage. This is because they are mostly exposed, or because the surface area is particularly dangerous to lightning.

We have continuously sold solar surge protector and we will prepare measures for installation and design to protect the surge of the photovoltaic field with our expertise. If you have any question, please feel free to contact us.

For reliable protection of photovoltaic systems, it is important to install a rugged SPD that complies with the latest regulations.

We are a surge arrester that effectively protects PV system from lightning and surge voltage. Our products are designed as pluggable devices. These products together form one basic unit of multi-channel with one protection plug per channel.

Each plug has its own integrated function monitoring and status indication. This means that when the life of the product is over, it is possible to simply replace these arrestor products.

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Naeroe measures,lightning measures of the photovoltaic systems

Generally, solar power systems are installed outdoors with a large area and no shielding. When installing solar light, it is often intended to avoid structures that are higher in depth than the shade. This could cause lightning strikes, which could have an effect on the transient hypervoltage. In fact, there are cases of damage caused by lightning strikes in foreign countries where people have more experience installing solar than in Korea.

In Korea, lightning strikes occur one to two times per kilometer per year. So, depending on the area in which the solar power system is installed, and the importance of it, we will establish an internal combustion strategy, Today, I'd like to tell you about lightning strikes and how to prepare for them.

Now, with more and more electricity producers, instead of focusing only on cheap solar power plants, think about how to operate for 20+ years. In particular, we need to be prepared for natural disasters because they are unpredictable. The design method of lightning protection devices is explained in KS CIEC 62305. Be sure to prepare for this by receiving professional help